Our Products

We provide data warehousing, linking and analysis platforms for vertical markets,
making government, industry and commercial data more useful and informative.

Vertical Market Solutions

Combining proprietary and reference data in a scalable, accessible cloud environment.

Marks Systems provides integrated data warehousing and analysis applications for vertical markets by leveraging cloud infrastructure. We provide a core platform of climate, geography, population demoraphics, transportation, logistics, energy, and other government and commercial data sets. Our linked data can be easily referenced and incorporated into consumer facing applications, business intelligence tools, and other software systems. Our advanced query tools search, link, validate and present useful information, either via our web-based interface, our proprietary iOS (iPad) application for mobile access, or our masXML suite of on-demand web services. For advanced users, we also offer SQL database hosting in the cloud for major government data sets.

We take the pain out of working with large government and industry data sets. Our cloud infrastructure and uniform interfaces give your analysts the information they need without the local storage requirements or scalability factors associated with on-premises implementations.



Integrated airline planning and operational data. Get a multi‐dimensional view of revenue, operations, traffic, capacity, finance, on‐time performance, weather and fleet data.

Comprehensive information about airline operations, finance, revenue and weather data in a centralized, web-accessible application and iOS mobile app. Optional add-on data sets include airport-level operational data, real-time radar and flight position information, and complete safety data from 1982 onward. For more information, please visit masFlight.com.

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Integrate data and analysis into your enterprise systems, including management dashboards, business intelligence tools, internal databases and consumer websites.

All Marks Systems applications are available in industry-standard, on-demand web service formats for easy integration into business intelligence systems, analytics databases, management dashboards, consumer web sites and other devices. Pay only for data called and consumed. masXML offers a testable web services interface for developers. For more information on masXML, please contact [email protected]

iPad Tools

Cloud-Based SQL Data Hosting

Leave the pain to us. We can assemble, host and provide cloud-based access to complex government data sets, including decades of aviation, weather and energy information.

Our linked data sets are also available for corporate clients and advanced analysts who can connect directly to our SQL servers. We offer aviation, energy and weather data set hosting using our secure cloud infrastructure on a monthly basis. For more information about data sets we can deploy for your organization, please contact [email protected]

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